Watch My Budget

Software to visualise, plan and track your money



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Budget is structured with categories in a customisable outline.

Cash flow displays and edits payments per month or pay period.

Importing from internet banking files (or csv) automatically matches with expected payments using import rules, and displays side-by-side.

Reports can be produced for any selected date range, accounts, categories.

Budget can be revised from average or most recent actual payments

Graphs visualise different aspects of your money.

Features of Watch My Budget:

Fully customisable accounts and categories, starting from a template budget.

See a presentation about using WMB for  Budget Advisors.

Budget can vary over time (stop and start dates), by season (month) and have one-off payments.

Graphs update as you work and are automatic based on selected date range, accounts and categories.

Generates individual payments - can be adjusted during planning, matched to actual payments during tracking.

Even the free version can track actual payments. Only the full version has importing, debts and scenarios.

Innovative carry-over system remembers how much is left. Tracking shows whether you followed budget.

Version: 2.61.0

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Situation is a dashboard of figures and mini-graphs showing your money.

Debt calculator shows report and graph of a debt and can calculate payments, interest rate  or stop date

 Watch My Budget combines planning and tracking of personal


  flexible budgeting tool

  efficient importing

  debt and asset calculators

  ● runs on any Windows computer

  graphs to visualise finances


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User Comments

Just setting a written estimated budget and reviewing it occasionally did not help me manage my superannuation income.  Watch My Budget enables me to set a realistic budget based on actual past spending and then track my daily spending and keep out of trouble.             Hugh

This is the best budget planning software because of its robust forecast capability! I'm not overlooking all the other excellent features, just saying the forecasting puts your program in the upper percentile.  Sam

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